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Int'l-MoversMoving to another country is not like moving across town or even across the state. There are many different obstacles all of which can appear to be daunting fear not. Thousands of people do this every year without a hitch. If you have the budget to hire international movers then do so. There are many professional, affordable movers available to help you in your move. This is what they do and are very good at it. If you are moving for business of as a result of military relocation you may be eligible for relocation benefits. If you are unsure then ask.

Get all of your paperwork in order. You will need a passport for every family member, including children. You may also need an entry visa for each family member. You will need to contact the consulate of your destination country for the appropriate paperwork. You should also visit your doctor to get a checkup and the proper immunizations before departure. You will also want to bring with you birth certificates, marriage certificates, doctors records and other personal documents. What may seem small now can turn into a bureaucratic nightmare in a foreign land if you do not have it.

What are you going to take with you? Though you may be tempted to take everything you own with you this just may not be possible. If the move is temporary you may wish to consider placing some items into storage. You can find safe, secure storage that will fit most everything you wish to store. If your move is only of a year or so you may wish to place most of your belongings into a storage facility. This will help you avoid possible damage to your beloved belongings or having to leave them behind when you come back to the states. Most of your electronics will not work overseas. If it plugs into a will you will most likely need an AC adaptor plug to allow it to function.

You will want to be sure to contact your bank and advise them of your planned move. They may have a branch in the country that you are moving to and if not will be able to give you a list of banks that service the country that you will be living in. Do the same thing with your credit card companies. Though most credit cards will work almost anywhere in the world sudden charges on your card from Prague when your billing address is in San Jose may set off some flags and result in your card being frozen. You will also need to start thinking in the local currency it is very easy to over spend when you are unfamiliar with the conversion rate.

Learn the language. If you are moving to a country where the primary language is not one you speak start learning as far in advance as possible. This will make your transition smoother and less confusing. You will also want to familiarize yourself with local customs especially manors for public dining and shopping. What is considered okay here may be very rude where you are going and vice versa.

If you are going to be driving in your new country you will most likely need a new license issued by that country. This will require that you take a test and most likely a driving test. Some countries have a reciprocal license program that will allow you to use your license in that country depending on what state your license was issued in and what country you are moving to. Be sure to check on license and insurance requirements before operating a vehicle in any country.

You will want to make sure you let your utility companies know when you are moving and when service should end. You will also want to forward your mail to your new location so you can pay down those bills before they come do. Most large cell phone companies have service internationally and will be more than happy to provide you a new number local to your new location.

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